The workshop covers;

  1. Knowing your Career Path and Goal Setting
  2. Social and Relationship Matters
  3. Academic, Health and Spiritual Development
  4. Financial Responsibility
  5. Capacity Building

Each professional will cover a topic and will have time allocated to them.

At the end of the workshop, the students will be able to;

  1. Apply knowledge gained on areas that will enable them make the best of their days in the university and after they graduate.
  2. Be swift to take advantage of opportunities provided by their universities and the country.

Outcome of the project;

  1. Secondary School Graduates looking forward to self-development and making the best of their days as undergraduates.
  2. More focused undergraduates in the state and the country at large. 
Miss Abiola Jinadu at Rosary College Nise, Anambra State
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